brother printer connect to wifi using the Control Panel

The following brother tutorial will guide you through the wireless setup of your brother machine wirelessly, you will need to know the SSID or a network name of your router and you will need to know your network password if you do not know this information please contact your router manufacturer if you have previously configured or attempted to configure the wireless connection.

Part 1: Reset The Wireless Card

  • First, you must reset the wireless card to reset the wireless card 
  • Press menu 'up' or 'down' to select network press 'ok' 
  • Press 'up' or 'down' to select 'Network reset' 
  • Press 'ok' press 'reset' select 'yes' 
  • The wireless card is now reset to configure the wireless on the brother machine press menu press the down arrow to select network press 'ok' select 'WLAN' press 'ok'
  • Select setup wizard and press ok when WLAN enable is displayed on the LCD screen choose owen and press 'ok' 
  • The brother machine will search for SSIDs or networks in your area a list of SSIDs in your area will display 
  • Select your SSID or network name then press 'ok' 
  • If the Machine asks you if you would like to use WPS or AOSS press 2 for know the display will prompt you to enter your network password enter this and press 'ok'
  • If you do not know your network password please contact your router manufacturer, to enter your network password use the keypad pressing the number 2 displays 'A', press the number 2 again displays 'B', pressing it again 'C' pressing it again into capitals and further into numbers enter the network password then press 'ok'
  • The LCDs will prompt you to apply settings, select 'yes' and press 'ok'
  • The machine will take a few moments to connect to your wireless network and then will display either connected for connection failed 
  • If the connection failed it is likely the network password is incorrect, after you receive the message connected make sure your computer is on and you are logged in with administrator rights insert the brother cd-rom into your computer drive

Part 2: Set up a wireless network

This tutorial will walk you through the major steps of the installation the screens you see on your computer may vary from the tutorial slightly unless indicated in the tutorial.

  • Just select next on the installation screens to continue 
  • Select your brother machine select your 'language' 
  • Click 'install MFL pro suite' for the paper port license agreement click 'yes', 
  • As the software installs you will see progress screens on the brother license agreement click 'yes' choose 'wireless network connection' then click 'Next'.
  • For the firewall, the antivirus screen leaves the option for change firewall port settings. 
  • Then click 'Next'  the installation will display a list of brother machines on your network if your machine is not listed try clicking 'refresh' if your machine never appears.

Check your network connection choose your brother machine then click 'Next' as the software installs you will see progress screens when the registration screen appears you can choose to do an online registration then click Next make the selections for the default printer then click Next you will be prompted to restart your computer select yes then click finish now you are ready to print using a wireless connection

Wireless Setup without having a CD drive

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