Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup or Wifi Setup

Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup or Wifi Setup

Welcome to the canon get started series before we begin to have your wireless network name and password prepared, we'll help you connect your printer to your computer wirelessly in three simple steps, first, we'll connect your printer to your wireless network, next we'll install your driver to your printer, and finally, we'll make it through a test print to make sure you're up and running.

Part 1: Connect Canon Printer to Wifi

  1. With the device switched on, navigate to the setup menu, use the scroll wheel to cycle through the choices. 
  2. Next, select your wireless LAN setup to choose your wireless access point or wireless router from the list in this example with choosing the Canon wireless network to enter your wireless access point password.
  3. Use the scroll wheel to navigate the on-screen keyboard push the middle AAA one button to cycle between uppercase letters lowercase letters and numbers
  4. Once you've entered the wireless access point password press 'End setup' 
  5. Then You'll notice a blue wireless light is flashing this means it is trying to talk to the wireless access point once it goes solid blue. you know it's connected and that's the first stage complete.

Part 2: Install Canon Printer Driver

  1. Now we need to install the printer driver. If you have your CD insert it now if not visit the BrotherCanonDriver website to download the proper driver.
  2. Double-click the icon to unzip the driver now take a few moments to read the welcome screen and click 'Next'.
  3. Wait a few moments while the printer detection process takes place and click 'Next'.
  4. Select USA Canada Latin America as a place of residence and click Next for this demo we are installing the MP drivers only select the other software as needed to install now the License Agreement is displayed to agree to the license choose 'yes'.
  5. Click 'complete' when the setup completion screen is displayed your printer driver installation is complete.

The device should now be able to print wirelessly to check this will quickly take you through a test print on your Mac open up text edit from your Applications folder type test page into the document

Scroll down to print to open up the print options menu ensure that your Pixma printer is selected and click print in Windows go to the Start menu in the search bar search for notepad open up the notepad application from your Start menu after the blank document

Open type test page, click file at the top of the screen scroll down to print and select print to open up the printer options menu ensure that your Pixma printer is selected and click 'print now', your test page should be printing.

Now you can enjoy the freedom of printing wirelessly from anywhere in your home or office that completes our tutorial.

Please Follow the steps in the video below to complete the setup

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