Brother Printer Error Codes and Fixes

Brother Printer Error Codes and Fixes
Brother Printer Error Codes and Fixes - Brother printers are one of the well-known printers and there are many printer users with this brand.

Brother printers are available in various types and models and of course, there are different printer facilities.

Experience the mistakes of using Brother printers

Even errors or damage is normal when using a high priced brother printer because printers are electronic and can be at any time may be damaged.

Errors or errors can occur not only in Brother printers, but also in other brands of printers, either due to improper use or other Errors.

The types of errors, damage or errors that can occur in a printer can vary from as small as a damaged roller to as large as an unreadable ink cartridge Related or paper jumps continuously.

The presence of an error or damage will usually send a notification on the computer/laptop and also display an error code or occurrence.

So this time I am going to discuss the various error codes on the Brother printer. By understanding the error codes, of course, you know what error has happened to your brother printer and you have.

Error codes, causes of the errors and solutions to overcome them will be discussed in this time, which is just specifically for Brother brand printers.

These codes are often found on Brother inkjet DCP and MFC series printer types.

When such error codes appear while using the printer, it means that your printer has an error in the machine or in the printer parts.

These errors must be corrected immediately so that you can use the printer again.

Introduction to Brother Printer Error Codes and How to Fix Them

There are so many error codes for brother printer, please listen to them so that your friends can correct them immediately if there is an error in the future.

Brother Printer Error codes 30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,3c,3f

The problem that occurs is a paper jam (paper jam), and if you have performed a service and removed the paper jammed inside the However, this error still occurs, and there may be shredded paper left inside the printer.

How to fix the problem. Open the lid and back cover of the printer and look for residual pieces of paper, and if it still doesn't look like a flashlight, use extra lighting.

Take your time and care when removing the remaining paper so that you don't damage other parts.

Brother Printer Error Codes 40, 42, 43, 44

If the code comes out and the problem is that the temperature or the temperature in the printer is too high, this can happen because you The area you're using is too crowded or the printer you're using is in direct sunlight.

How do you fix it? Open the printer cover section and allow some time so the heat comes out quickly.

Make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. You can turn the printer back on when the situation is cold.

Brother Printer Error Code 46

Error 46 indicates that the ink tank is full and the ink holding foam must be replaced immediately.

How to fix it? Of course, remove the ink from the disposal tank and then you can also replace the ink to keep the foam. Or you can fix it by resetting the printer.

Brother Printer Error Codes 48, 4f

Problems with the head of the printer. The common head is stuck or does not move or the head is completely damaged.

How to fix it. Fixing the print head is quite complicated and difficult if you don't really understand. The step is to go to a printer repair printer so that you can check the actual damage.

You can also check the print head, which may cause a paper jam that prevents the print head from functioning properly.

But you must be careful so that you don't cause any other damage.

Brother Printer Error Codes 49

An error occurs because the temperature in the printer is too low or too cold.

This is because you may have stored it in an air-conditioned room, so the room temperature gets low or cold, and this can cause the temperature in the printer to also be very low.

How to fix it? Immediately move the printer to a place with a normal temperature. Allow a few moments to reach the normal temperature before using it again.

Brother Printer Error Codes 50, 51, 52, 57, 5a, 5b, 5d, 5e

If this problem occurs because of the paper that occurs, but this happens with the sensor printer.

The sensor if dirty may repair the damage and cause the printer to not work properly.

How to fix it? Clean the requested paper and if it still doesn't work, try cleaning the encoder strip on the back of the printer.

If you are afraid to do so, I should just use the service to repair the more serious damage.

Brother Printer Error Code 8f

If there is an error 8f it is interference or a damaged paper puller. This is usually caused by a dirty or really damaged puller.

How to fix it. Always keep your printer clean from dust and dirt. Make it a habit to clean your printer regularly. Or you can read articles on how to take care of your printer, which is the right way to do it.

Brother Printer Error Codes a5, a6, a8

There is damage or a problem with one of the spare parts of the printer. For example, USB cable, power cable, scanner light, scanner problem, or other printer part is damaged.

How to fix it. Check it out at a printer service center, or if you know a printer service center, come to an official service center.

Brother Printer Error Code e2, e3

An error with this code refers to a problem with the main motherboard inside the printer.

The damage that may occur could be minor or serious damage, such as part of the mainboard.

Is this happening because the user's kettle, such as a printer containing air, is causing problems or congestion on the mainboard.

How to fix it. Take it to the nearest service technician. If it still improves, repair it. But it's better to get a new motherboard rather than having recurring problems like the one that cost can hinder and spur a big night out.


So what are the various error codes on the printer and how to fix them?

Hopefully, we can account for and refer to the first step in helping you fix errors or damage to your first printer.

We suggest that before repairing the damage, it is best to take extra care to do printer maintenance so that the printer you have will be in use Medium more durable.

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